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by admin on 23/12/2010

Established in 1985, Instant Mobile Locksmiths Gooloogong has been at the forefront of Automotive Locksmithing, investing heavily in the latest products and machinery from around the world. Because of this commitment we have forged a reputation for being the Locksmith that other Locksmiths recommend when it comes to car locks and keys. Whether it’s opening a BMW or Mercedes that others say can’t be opened, or making new transponder keys when all are lost, Instant Mobile Locksmiths has a solution for you. Automotive Locksmithing is a diverse and complicated industry. In the event that we can’t provide a solution for you, we most certainly will be able to help you find the right avenue to get you back on the road again.

Have you lost your car keys? Do you need a spare key for your car?

If you need an Car Locksmith to come to you in Gooloogong and surrounding areas, then we have the solution for you. Call and compare our prices – we can help with most makes and models. If your car is immobile, our workshop can come to you, saving time lost without your car and also money on towing fees. If you just need a spare key and want to save on us coming to you, you can come to us. We specialize in transponder and non-transponder car keys and are a preferred insurance claim provider (e.g. RACQ, AAMI, Suncorp, QBE, NRMA, CGU).

What is a transponder?

A Transponder Automotive Key is a key with a microchip placed in the head of the key. This microchip is a miniature transmitter and receiver which transmits a signal to the vehicle. In the engine management system of the vehicle there is an engine compartment that can recognize the signals transmitted from the key. If the correct signals are not detected, the engine will not start.

Instant Mobile Locksmiths can provide high quality transponder keys which are completely compatible with the original immobilizer system fitted to your car. In most cases we can provide a comprehensive service for duplication of Transponder keys. We are able to cut and program most late model vehicle Transponder keys without the need to go through a dealership. This not only saves you money but saves you the unnecessary inconvenience of having to book your car in with the dealer, leaving your car and organising temporary transportation in the interim. With the new and most advanced transponder equipment available, we are able to supply the following additional transponder services.

Transponder Identification.

Transponder Cloning

Produce Crypto Transponder Keys

How do I know if my car has a transponder key?

In Australia, most new cars since 1995/96 have incorporated a transponder security system, with the exception of some commercial vehicles. We have access to a database of vehicle details which allows us to search for what type of transponder module is in which car, however the only fool proof way is to have the key read in an identifying machine which we are able to do for you.

If your vehicle has a transponder chip, you cannot simply have a spare key cut from a key blank which has no transponder chip in the head of it. If you do, and then try and start your car, it will not start and on some cars will put the car in theft mode.

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